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  • 99U Quarterly — Issue 6

    99U Quarterly — Issue 6

    Ninety Nine U magazine tells the stories of creative leaders who are mastering their crafts, building incredible careers, and shaping their industries.

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  • Fount Magazine #2 Connect

    Fount Magazine #2 Connect

    In his second issue, fount magazine examine what it means to “connect”. What does connection on an artistic level look like? In the category “mash-up” artists from around the globe came together in an open call to be inspired and to work together. Making connections is the foundation of fount magazine. They feature 60 artworks out of hundreds…

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  • Womankind Magazine Covers

    Womankind Magazine Covers

    Womankind represents a new era for women: Womankind is an advertising-free women’s magazine on self, identity and meaning in today’s society. Womankind magazine features the top journalists, authors and artists in a 132 page, perfect-bound magazine – offering a signature mix of reporting and commentary on culture, creativity, philosophy, nature and ways to live a…

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  • Backstage Talks Magazine

    Backstage Talks Magazine

    Being magazine lovers themselves, creating Backstage Talks was a delight and a major lesson for Milk. From the very beginning, They had a clear goal — to make Backstage Talks outstanding. From both editorial and design perspectives. Not exactly an easy task. The challenge for Milk was to craft the art direction in a way that will…

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  • Andreea Robescu’s Series Of Illustrations On Fashion Magazine Covers

    Andreea Robescu’s Series Of Illustrations On Fashion Magazine Covers

    Here you are series of illustrations on fashion magazine covers brilliantly designed by Andreea Robescu. Andreea Robescu is a multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. She was born in Bucharest, Romania and grew up in a family of artists. Her art experiments started during childhood and at age 12 she had her first group exhibition shocking the…

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  • A New Type of Imprint: Welcome to Sweden

    A New Type of Imprint: Welcome to Sweden

    A New Type of Imprint is a magazine on creative culture and design, published quarterly by the norwegian agency ANTI. For the eleventh issue they approached Amanda Berglund and Erik Kirtley, both involved in Amanda & Erik,  a swedish design and illustration studio, to design a chapter dedicated entirely to Swedish designers and creatives. Amanda &…

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  • Novum 07/17 Corporate Identities

    Novum 07/17 Corporate Identities

    In this July’s focus theme of corporate identities Novum presents a particularly wide spectrum of examples from across a variety of sectors. How do you give a traditional bank a contemporary new look? Or make Twitter into a tangible experience? Also featured in this new issue of Novum are Studio Grau’s prize-winning designs, Diana Barbu’s…

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  • Carsive 18 Pages Brochure

    Carsive 18 Pages Brochure

    Carsive 18 pages brochure freebie is designed for practice purposes. There are tons of graphic artists out there searching for some awesome freebies which may help them gaining experiences. This template is basically designed for them.This is for personal use only. Enjoy! Credits: Ahmed Hasan Baky / Digital painting: Afanur Rashid.   [symple_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7KHMk4Uivu4NlUtZ1JSY3dRdWM/view” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

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  • Letter Brochure Mockup

    Letter Brochure Mockup

    Here’s a nice letter brochure mockup template sample, designed by Wassim, that will let you present your cover and inner pages design in a professional way. This mockup comes with many helpful features and is extremely customizable. The background, shadows, lights colors and texture can be easily modified to fit your need. [symple_button url=”https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwJ3HZtxijz7ejhnQnlRWjRrZEU” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank”…

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