99U Quarterly — Issue 6

99U is Adobe’s career resource and annual conference, helping creatives of all stripes supercharge their work and make their ideas happen. 99U’s digital publication features the stories behind the careers of leading creatives, plus guides and tips on everything from navigating entrepreneurship to achieving work-life balance.

The annual Adobe 99U Conference in New York City brings our resources to life, with actionable talks, hands-on workshops, and access to creative studios and cultural spaces.

Ninety Nine U magazine tells the stories of creative leaders who are mastering their crafts, building incredible careers, and shaping their industries. The publication brings readers smart, effective, and inspiring content to enhance their creative journey. Each issue includes in-depth interviews with artists, graphic designers, photographers, typographers, illustrators and more. Here you are one of our favorites: The 99U Quarterly — Issue 6.

Editor — Sean Blanda.

Publisher — Scott Belsky.

Art Direction & Graphic Design — Mark Brooks.



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