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Backstage Talks Magazine

Being magazine lovers themselves, creating Backstage Talks was a delight and a major lesson for Milk. From the very beginning, They had a clear goal — to make Backstage Talks outstanding. From both editorial and design perspectives. Not exactly an easy task. The challenge for Milk was to craft the art direction in a way that will not only enhance the overall experience and support the primary function of Backstage Talks: to deliver a timeless value to the readers. And that’s what their designers did and demonstrated how form follows and elevates function. Everything has a purpose – cover page immediately grabs your attention. The embossed cover and the fine paper give out a sense of class. Then you notice how easy it is to read, comprehend and actually remember the content. Heck, it even smells nice.

Milk is based in Bratislava, Slovakia, and it is a group of design directors and co-founder of By Design Conference. They create brand identities that last and help companies develop brand experience across all channels. Also they believe that a good idea should work both financially and creatively.

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