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A New Type of Imprint: Welcome to Sweden

A New Type of Imprint is a magazine on creative culture and design, published quarterly by the norwegian agency ANTI. For the eleventh issue they approached Amanda Berglund and Erik Kirtley, both involved in Amanda & Erik,  a swedish design and illustration studio, to design a chapter dedicated entirely to Swedish designers and creatives. Amanda & Erik’s design concept was based on the three following ideas.

Welcome to Sweden 01

Welcome to Sweden 02

The first idea is reflected in the choice of headline font, inspired by the somewhat odd phrase ”i vårt avlånga land” (”in our elongated country”). A nickname referring to the physical shape of Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden 03

Welcome to Sweden 04

Welcome to Sweden 05

The second idea is seen in the graphic elements inspired by ”Sol, vind och vatten” (“Sun, wind and water”), a well-known pop song from 1972 by Ted Gärdestad. The song is commonly associated with Swedish nature and summer.

Welcome to Sweden 06

Welcome to Sweden 07

Welcome to Sweden 08

The third idea is seen in the warm color scheme inspired by the Swedish flag and nature. We tweaked the color scheme and covered all surfaces with it, in an attempt to avoid Scandinavian design tropes such as lots of white space and sparsely placed details and typography.

Welcome to Sweden 09

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amanda and erik
Amanda Berglund and Erik Kirtley are a couple of graphic designers and illustrators who have been collaborating for almost a decade now. They began working as a studio officially in 2017, after having graduated from their studies at Konstfack. They work with such things as visual identities, editorial design and illustration, books, pattern design and are constantly curious about exploring new fields and formats.


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