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  • Teapod – The Tea Atelier

    Teapod – The Tea Atelier

    Studio Born set out to create a minimalist, Japanese-inspired tea brand with a symbolic logomark and soft color palette.

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  • Kaebisch Chocolate Packaging

    Kaebisch Chocolate Packaging

    Mauro Martins is a Brazilian former Art Director. His last position in Ad Agencies was as a Senior Creative at Crispin Porter + Bogusky headquarters in Boulder, CO – USA. On late 2015, he decided to move back to Brazil to figure out an independent way to work and make cool stuff by his own.…

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  • Utopick Chocolates Corporate Identity, Packaging & Chocolate Bar

    Utopick Chocolates Corporate Identity, Packaging & Chocolate Bar

    Paco Llopis is a master chocolatier. An ingenious craftsman constantly searching for new discoveries in flavors, textures and filling techniques in the world of “bean-to-bar”- an artisanal craft produced entirely under the makers control, in this case, using selected cocoa pods bought directly from local producers in Colombia and other Latin American countries. He came…

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  • Chocolocuras: A Design That Changes Only If You Turn The Tap

    Chocolocuras: A Design That Changes Only If You Turn The Tap

    Thief is the policeman, the lion is the hunter …? It’s a game, humor and fun. A design that changes only if you turn the tap. Two characters exchange their bodies and their heads to create a new and different one. The color use and the naming of each product give notoriety and presence at…

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  • Cavaticcio Festival Main Key Visual

    Cavaticcio Festival Main Key Visual

    Studio Ianus designed the main key visual for the 2017 edition of the Cavaticcio festival in Bologna, Italy. Studio Ianus is an independent studio based in Milan, Italy, born from the meeting of two creative souls. Founded in 2015 by Stefano Agabio and Stefano Pietramala, it is specialized in illustration and animation for art direction,…

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  • I Can Spice

    I Can Spice

    I Can Spice is based on one simple yet brilliant idea: let’s make cooking a new, exciting experience for everyone. They offer a zillion types of premium spices from all around the world and special mixes for spicing your coffee or even your beer. Their goal is to encourage people to play and experiment more…

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