Nike Basketball Wall Mural

Neil Stevens recently created a handful of pitched ideas for a new Nike wall mural to be placed within an outdoor basketball court in Barcelona. The imagery would also be used as stand alone print adverts.

Neil Stevens is a creative illustrator, image-maker and graphic artist based in St Albans and London, United Kingdom. The work he has created includes illustration, identity creation, prints and posters, image-making and design across sectors including music, sport, technology, art, finance, nature and the environment.

Selected work of him has gained recognition in publications such as Computer Arts, Digital Artists, The Daily Telegraph, Phaidon and Time Out magazines.


About Nike Basketball’s History

Nike Basketball has a rich history that spans several decades and is marked by the brand’s continuous innovation, iconic partnerships, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of athletic performance. Here’s an overview of Nike Basketball’s history:

  1. Foundation (1964-1970s): Nike, originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964. The company officially became Nike, Inc. in 1971. In its early years, Nike focused on running shoes, but it soon expanded its product line to include basketball footwear.
  2. Air Force 1 (1982): Nike Basketball gained significant momentum with the introduction of the Air Force 1 in 1982. This was the first basketball shoe to feature Nike’s Air cushioning technology, revolutionizing the industry and setting a new standard for comfort and performance.
  3. Michael Jordan Era (1984-1998): One of the most crucial moments in Nike Basketball history came with the signing of Michael Jordan in 1984. The partnership resulted in the creation of the iconic Air Jordan line, starting with the Air Jordan 1. This collaboration not only transformed the basketball sneaker market but also elevated Nike’s status as a global athletic brand.
  4. Innovations and Technologies (1990s-2000s): Nike continued to innovate throughout the 1990s and 2000s, introducing various technologies like Zoom Air and Shox in its basketball footwear. Signature shoe lines for NBA stars like Charles Barkley, Penny Hardaway, and Kobe Bryant further solidified Nike’s presence in the basketball market.
  5. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant (2003-present): Nike Basketball strengthened its position with the signing of NBA superstars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant in the early 2000s. LeBron’s signature line, starting with the LeBron 1, and Kobe’s signature line, including the popular Kobe Bryant Zoom series, have been instrumental in maintaining Nike’s dominance in the basketball sneaker market.
  6. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (2010s-present): In recent years, Nike Basketball has expanded its roster of basketball superstars with the addition of players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Both players have their own signature lines, contributing to the brand’s diverse and innovative offerings.
  7. Collaborations and Special Editions: Nike Basketball has also collaborated with designers, artists, and other brands to create limited-edition and special-release sneakers. These collaborations have added a unique and sought-after dimension to the brand’s basketball footwear.

Throughout its history, Nike Basketball has maintained a strong connection with the culture of basketball, continually pushing boundaries in design, technology, and marketing. The brand’s commitment to excellence and its association with basketball legends have made Nike a powerhouse in the world of basketball footwear and apparel.


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