Farmer Gracy Identity Showcase

Farmer Gracy is the english face of a famous dutch bulb-growing family. To outline in detail the generations worth of plant growing and plant breeding achievements starting in 1888 when the Lefeber horticultural dynasty began would be absolutely impossible, but we will try to tell you about just a few of them. After all, it’s this rich heritage that makes Farmer Gracy what it is today.

At OnlyGraphicDesign we felt in love with the identity and the branding developed by Marka Collective, Petko Petkov and Nuray Nuri from Bulgaria. Here you are their awesome work. Enjoy and share !

farmer-gracy-01-min farmer-gracy-02-min farmer-gracy-03-min farmer-gracy-04-min farmer-gracy-05-min farmer-gracy-06-min farmer-gracy-07-min farmer-gracy-08-min farmer-gracy-09-min farmer-gracy-10-minfarmer-gracy-11-min farmer-gracy-13-min farmer-gracy-15-min farmer-gracy-16-min farmer-gracy-17-min farmer-gracy-18-min farmer-gracy-19-min farmer-gracy-20-min farmer-gracy-21-minfarmer-gracy-32-min farmer-gracy-31-min farmer-gracy-30-min farmer-gracy-29-min farmer-gracy-28-min farmer-gracy-26-min farmer-gracy-25-min farmer-gracy-24-min farmer-gracy-23-min farmer-gracy-22-min


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