Bulb Energy Branding

Case Study: Bulb Branding

The energy market is full of faceless corporations that put profits before people. The branding agency Ragged Edge helped create a brand to disrupt the ‘big six’ though a clear purpose: to make renewable energy simple and affordable. A brand full of Positive Energy.

Ragged Edge delivered: Brand strategy, naming, visual identity and brand guidelines.

The brief

The consumer energy market is a confusing place, full of brands people don’t really trust and tariffs they don’t understand. Bulb (or Simple Energy as they were calling themselves) wanted to shake things up with an offer that was competitively priced, renewable and straightforward. A new kind of energy brand aimed at millennials.

The approach and the brand strategy

Ragged Edge used ‘Positive Energy’ to create a brand that would talk directly to millennials.

Consumer research, workshops and interviews gave Ragged Edge a clear direction. To position Bulb as a compelling alternative to the faceless ‘big six’, Ragged Edge needed to create a brand with purpose and substance. Bulb is simple, affordable and renewable power with the community at its heart. Ragged Edge called this Positive Energy.

Naming & visual identity

Ragged Edge started its creative process with the name. ‘Bulb’ is simple, pleasing to say and brings Positive Energy to life both literally and emotionally. In short it was perfect.

Next Ragged Edge designed a visual identity to be as disruptive as possible. The competition was either blandly corporate or boringly worthy, so Ragged Edge tried to create something fun, accessible and engaging. A handwritten logo made the brand feel human, while the proposed color palette was about as far from a traditional energy brand as it’s possible to be.

Guidelines & implementation

A clear, comprehensive and digitally-focussed set of guidelines helped Bulb’s partners bring the brand to life in a range of channels. Ragged Edge also created a number of key communication pieces, including a bill that you might not mind receiving (almost). 🙂

Photography by Richard Moran.

Bulb Energy Branding 02

Bulb Energy Branding 03

Bulb Energy Branding 05

Bulb Energy Branding 04

Bulb Energy Branding 06

Bulb Energy Branding 07

“Ragged Edge’s strategically led, digital first approach made the branding process a pleasure. We’re over the moon with the result and think it represents Bulb’s values and purpose beautifully.” — Hayden, Co-founder, Bulb.

Bulb Energy Branding 08

Bulb Energy Branding 09

Bulb Energy Branding 10

Bulb Energy Branding 11

Bulb Energy Branding 12

Bulb Energy Branding 13

Bulb Energy Branding 14

Bulb Energy Branding 15

Bulb Energy Branding 16


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