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  • Fount Magazine #2 Connect

    Fount Magazine #2 Connect

    In his second issue, fount magazine examine what it means to “connect”. What does connection on an artistic level look like? In the category “mash-up” artists from around the globe came together in an open call to be inspired and to work together. Making connections is the foundation of fount magazine. They feature 60 artworks out of hundreds…

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  • Yuschav Arly’s Beautiful Portraits Illustrations

    Yuschav Arly’s Beautiful Portraits Illustrations

    Yuschav Arly is a self-taught illustrator based in Bali, Indonesia. Most of her works are personal work, simply for learning and killing her time so someday she hopes she cans live as a professional illustrator.

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  • United Monogramographical Assemblage

    United Monogramographical Assemblage

    The written word can be used to spit sentiments of love or hate, wisdom or ignorance, tolerance or fear but at their foundation, words of all meaning in the English language are delivered through the cooperation and arrangement of 26 letters. Unique elements coexisting with the common purpose of communication. We can learn a lot…

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  • A collection of posters by Xavier Esclusa

    A collection of posters by Xavier Esclusa

    Xavier Esclusa is an Art Director and a Graphic Designer. Educated in Barcelona as a graphic designer, photographer and multimedia artist, Xavier has worked in Ibiza and Brazil. At this moment he is established in Vic (Barcelona), works as an art director of twopots-design.com, his own company, where he enjoys creating for his clients. For this selection we…

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  • A Posters Design Selection From Michael Sallit

    A Posters Design Selection From Michael Sallit

    Michael Sallit is a graphic designer since 2010 and he is based in Paris, France. He is working on a range of clients and projects including art direction, graphic design and music. His artwork is awesome and he is very talented especially in illustration, identity, print and edition. Take a look below at this selection of great various…

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  • Bus Stop Billboard MockUp

    Bus Stop Billboard MockUp

    The freebie is a bus stop billboard mockup you can use to create a realistic presentation for your advertising campaign, posters or artworks. To obtain a flawless result just place your own design inside the smart object and you’ll be done in no time. [symple_button url=”http://graphicburger.com/bus-stop-billboard-mockup/” color=”blue” button_target=”_blank” btnrel=”nofollow”]Download[/symple_button]

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