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Crossover Festival: Branding & Promotion

A project developed by Jonathan Finch in collaboration with Stephanie Oglesby to brand and promote a new festival aimed at creative professionals. They have proposed that the festival would entail inviting creative practitioners from various fields and disciplines to collaborate and ‘crossover’ to create a piece of work that they wouldn’t normally. Thus, they named the project the ‘Crossover Festival‘.

The name appears in various forms across the identity, with it being shortened to ‘x-over’ and then a pattern which adapts across the different resolutions. Black, white, grey and coral form the core color scheme with a screen-printed, neon spot colour overlaid. The printed collateral consists of promotional posters, a festival guide publication, event timetable, tickets, wristbands and lanyards. Finally, t-shirts and tote bags were also produced whilst we mocked up examples of the exhibition space.

Credits:   Jonathan Finch, Graphic Designer at Passport, Leeds, United Kingdom • Stephanie Oglesby, Graphic Designer / Creative Concepts at elmwood, Leeds, United Kingdom.

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