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Nōua Identity System

Nōua is an atelier based in Bodø, run by the artists Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner. As well as being Marianne and Dan’s work place, Nōua is also a meeting place and a studio focusing on photography. Through exhibitions, workshops and lectures the goal is to bring attention to contemporary photography.

by north is a design studio situated in Bodø, Norway, focusing on brand identity and packaging. They believe that good design equals good business. Their response to Marianne and Dan’s request for a fitting identity for Nōua, was to develop a dynamic and scalable identity system, which is easy to maintain and adapts to different platforms and messages without compromising it’s clarity. Based around a custom logotype, the identity can be subtle and let the art take main stage. It can also be playful and act as a focal point of the identity, for instance through animations, or as a starting point for Nōua’s bespoke icon set.

Photography: Dan Mariner | Nōua

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