MCP – MULTIPLY Exhibition Identity Design

2015 Membership Convergence Project Exhibition – CREATIVE POOL : MULTIPLY

“Multiply” conveys the manifestation of a new value through overlapped time between Samsung Design Membership and Samsung Software Membership. The dictionary definition of ‘multiply’ is ‘to grow in number’ or ‘to enlarge’, but the term connotes computer operation to developers and image layer blending to designers. 2015 MCP aims at holding a fair where the two groups of distinct languages and systems cross the boundaries of the two separate fields and assemble their capacities.

Director : Gyejin Jun (Manage), Su Young Kang (Design) • Poster Design : Su Young Kang • Book Design : Su Young Kang, Ji Yeon Ma, Se Hee Jung • Manage : Gye Jin Jun, Yoo Na Choi, Seo Hee Lee • Project Management : Samsung Design Membership.

2015 MCP - MULTIPLY Exhibition 02

2015 MCP - MULTIPLY Exhibition 03

2015 MCP - MULTIPLY Exhibition 04

2015 MCP - MULTIPLY Exhibition 05

2015 MCP - MULTIPLY Exhibition 06

2015 MCP - MULTIPLY Exhibition 07

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