Golden Hour Free high-resolution photos collection


Take a look at this hand-picked collection of photos captured during the magic light of golden hour. Luděk Wellart is a self-taught artist and a creative monster (find out more at wellart.cz).

All photos at Yernju are free for personal and commercial use under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). Attribution is not necessary but appreciated.

201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-airport-airplane,medium.1469193801 201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-bridge-boat-sun,medium.1469193801 201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-grass-blade-halm,medium.1469193801 201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-grass-wind-gold,medium.1469193801 201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-landscape-sunset-hills,medium.1469193801 201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-sunrays-hill-landscape,medium.1469193801 201512-yernju-ludek-wellart-city-sunset-river,medium.1469193801


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